CHEF COOKS AT HOME - Gault&Millau in Support of the Amazing Initiative of Croatian Chefs

A group of top Croatian chefs, who have decided to share their advice and excellent recipes to everyone in isolation, has come together at the initiative of chef Marin Rendić, owner of the Bistro Apetit by Marin Rendić restaurant (3 toques Gault&Millau Croatia).

Since the restaurants all over Croatia are closed due to the current situation, ten top chefs decided to share their culinary secrets not only so as to make this period a little easier for everybody but so that we could all dare to experiment in the kitchen, learning something new in the process.

Some of the chefs at your service are:  Hrvoje Zirojević (winner of the Gault&Millau Chef of the Year 2019. trophy), Rudolf Štefan (Pelegrini, 4 toques Gault&Millau), Marin Rendić, Goran Kočiš (Noel, 3 toques Gault&Millau), Ante Božikov (Tavern Opat, 2 toques Gault&Millau), Pero Savanović (Mediteran, 2 toques Gault&Millau), Belizar Miloš (Agava, 2 toques Gault&Millau), Ivan Pažanin (Štorija, 2 toques Gault&Millau), Teo Fernetich (San Rocco, 3 toques Gault&Millau) and Mate Janković, all of whom will soon be joined by other top chefs. 

As a way of supporting this initiative, we at Gault&Millau will share their recipes daily on our website, whereas our Facebook and Instagram profiles will house the video recipes.