Easter Humanitarian Action of Tač Restaurant

Vesna Miletić, chef of Tač restaurant 

Considering the circumstances, Easter will surely remain an unforgettable experience this year. So as to have better things to remember rather than the “reduction” of our traditions and habits, Tač, a family restaurant from Zagreb came up with an initiative under the name “A Touch of Love”; “Easter for Everyone”. The owners of Tač, the Miletić family, will be preparing Easter baskets for their guests. All proceeds from the baskets will be used to prepare Easter lunches for those in need.

To be able to put this idea into action, the Miletić family sought help on Kaptol, from Franciscan friar Siniša Pucić known for his work with those in need. Friar Pucić started the charity magazine “Ulične Svjetiljke” and established public kitchens in Rijeka. He pointed them towards the “Savao” association – their work consisting of sharing food on the main station in Zagreb – to make sure the packages would reach their rightful owners. This year, “Savao” will create a list of everyone who is getting the holiday food package from ResTač.

The price of the Easter basket will be 300 kn, and all proceeds will go to charity.  The donation to those in need is included in the price. The basket will include Istrian cooked prosciutto, home-produced eggs, scallions and radishes, horseradish, cheese and cream, Fleur de sel, bread and pinca. All the food is provided from local home businesses, while the focaccia and pinca (sweet bread typical of Easter meal) are provided by “Bread club”. Orders for the basket can be made starting this Saturday by phone on the following number: 099 377 0857

It should be noted that the kitchen in Tač never ceased its work, even with the difficulty of current circumstances. Tač started “Tač to go”, making it possible for their guests to enjoy their delicacies in the safety of their own home or workplace. You can see the entire menu of the restaurant on their website, and their Facebook pages.

The Miletić family has spent decades building the tradition of connections to some of the top food manufacturers; farmers, gardeners, dairy manufacturers, mushroom foragers and fishermen. Though many of those connections are familial, the rest has largely grown into a friendly community. One of Tač’s main features must be the best of the seasonal products gathered from all corners of the region, as well as traditional preparation of some of the most well-known regional meals with the personal touch of chef Vesna Miletić. Easter is an excellent occasion to notice these features more than ever. Even with the restrictions of the current situation, Tač manages to overcome with the selection of packages from their kitchen. The key ingredients that make Easter what it is are starting to arrive to Vrhovec, where the restaurant is located. Packages for the Great Friday and the Easter itself are steadily being prepared. Under the careful observation of the Miletić family, the quality of their food delivery service remains up to standards, ready to partake in the joys of family festivities.

On Great Friday, Tač will, along with their standard delivery offer “To go Fish Specialties”, be preparing cod soup and nature-grown asparagus salad with pasta.

For the Easter itself, you can preorder Cres lamb on a spit. Orders will be taken until Saturday on the following numbers: 01 377 6757 and 099 377 0567.